With our experience and knowledge, Quick attestation is a pioneer company for Certificate Attestation & Apostille Service, providing you an advantage of saving time and effort. We provide attestation services in India and for Gulf countries like United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kingdom Saudi Arabia (KSA), Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and some selected countries with Embassy/Consulate in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune and Dubai. Our service includes GAD / HRD for all states attestation/ MEA Apostille like for foreign countries, Educational and Non Educational Certificate attestation and Translate services etc. Apostille for foreign countries, Educational and Non Educational Certificate attestation Services; if the country where you intend to use your document is a member of Hague Convention.

We take the responsibility of getting all your required certificates attested by the concerned Govt. Authorities and Embassies from various departments like (GAD) General administration department of that state Human Resource Development Department (HRD), Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Embassies and Consulate of all countries.

Before proceeding attestation formalities do a visit to or call us for the latest information about legalization from GAD HRD, MEA, EMBASSY and all other concerned departments. We will provide you the exact information so; you can bring all the related documents while proceeding for attestation. We ensure each document is treated correctly based on the way it is presented, signed or stamped. This ensures the document is accepted in the country you intend to present it. Whilst your document is in our possession we use secure courier networks (the same courier network used by the legal profession) and do not rely on traditional postal systems. Once we have completed the Apostille process we offer you secure return delivery of your document for a small additional fee.

Attestation of original document is just not a process of normal attestation; this is a process of legalizing the certificates, whether it is educational certificate or non-educational certificate, now a day it is necessary to prove the originality of the certificate. Once your document is legalized, it would be applicable throughout the life and ensure that your document is original. We assure you to offer fast, reliable, efficient, and secure services. Safety and reliability is always our top priority and concern.